1000 HP, Screw Compressor Package

1000 HP Screw Compressor

1000 HP Screw Compressor

Compass Model No.: EM1000-SF2817

Application: Propane Refrigeration Compression

Location: Altares, NE British Columbia

Customer Objective: 600 Tons of refrigeration required @ -25 F for natural gas refrigeration package

Design Challenges: Economical, modular solution required for 2 x 60% compressor trains

Compass Solution: 2 x 1000 HP economized screw compressor trains with independent oil circuits, common suction scrubber and economizer on a 3-piece skid

Major Equipment Specifications

Compressor: (2) Frick SGC-2817

Drive: (2) 1000 HP Electric Motor @ 3600 RPM

Air Cooler: By others

Control Panel: (2) AB MicroLogix 1400 Control Panels

Other Features: 3-piece skid with common suction scrubber and economizer on centre skid. Common access platform for lube oil separator as well as isolation and refrigeration valve access

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