1680 HP Reciprocating Compressor Package (Custom Unit)

1680 HP Reciprocating Compressor

1680 HP Reciprocating Compressor Package

Compass Model No.: WK1680-RAD4-2

Application: Gas Gathering

Location: Musreau, Alberta

Customer Objective: Installation of two reliable and efficient gas plant inlet reciprocating compression packages in the Montney area

Compass Solution: Compass selected major components based on proven reliability. The design combined these components to provide maximum flexibility over a wide suction and discharge pressure range. The final layout provides the best possible serviceability and operator friendly environment.
* Sweet Gas Application.

Major Equipment Specifications

Compressor: Ariel JGD/4 complete with (2) 12.500” cylinders stage 1, & (2) 8.750” cylinders stage 2

Drive: Waukesha L7044GSI natural gas engine rated 1680 HP @ 1200 rpm

Air Cooler: Air-X-Changer 156EH-112-22 forced draft cooler assembly

Control Panel: Spartan Controls REMVue 500 PLC based control panel complete with accessories

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