200 HP Acid Gas Pump Package

Acid Gas Pump Package

Acid Gas Pump Package

Compass Model No.: EM200-P-L-G3M

Application: Acid Gas Injection of Liquid H2S/CO2

Location: Wapiti Area (Alberta, Canada)

Customer Objective: Injection pressure of 95% H2S and 5% CO2 precluded the use of a 6-stage compressor due to condensing temperature on interstage. A 5-stage compressor was used, with the process being condensed and sub-cooled prior to the last pumping stage.

Design Challenges: A “seal-less” double diaphragm tri-plex pump was selected for this application. Maintaining correct NPSH requirements for the pump in this critical service, while minimizing costs through sub-cooling. Correctly designing the accumulator to work with the 5-stages of compression, and the last pumping stage.

Major Equipment Specifications

Pump: LEWA G3M

Drive: Baldor 200 HP, 480V/3Ph/60Hz, 10:1 VFD motor

Air Cooler: AXH 108AEF condenser/sub-cooler

Control Panel: Spartan Allen-Bradley MicroLogix PLC processor

Other Features: Fully automated controls for minimal operator interface due to the nature of the process

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