2900 HP Reciprocating Compressor Package (Custom Unit)

2900 HP Reciprocating Compressor

2900 HP Reciprocating Compressor

Compass Model No.: EM2900-RAC4-1

Application: AResidue Gas Compressor

Location: Musreau, Alberta

Customer Objective: Our customer required an additional large horsepower residue gas compressor to run in parallel with an existing compressor

Compass Solution: Compass Compression designed a single stage, 2900 horsepower, reciprocating compressor package. A trim aftercooler was added to accomodate supplementary load on the existing plant aftercooling and a high level skid and acoustical analysis was performed to ensure design accommodation for high energy acoustics.
* Sweet gas application.

Major Equipment Specifications

Compressor: Ariel JGC/4 complete with (4) 8.375” x 6.50” stroke cylinders rated 1895 psig complete with variable volume clear

Drive: Hyundai electric motor rated 2900 HP @ 900 rpm

Control Panel: Allen Bradley – Compact Logix PLC control panel complete with accessories

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