3-Phase Separator Package

Compass Model No.: Process Equipment

Application: Separator

Objective: Gas, hydrocarbon liquid and water separation upstream of all other plant equipment

Design Challenges: Hydrocarbon liquid maximum water content of 0.4% & limit mist carryover in gas to less than XX microns

Compass Solution: Residence time of over 13 minutes for hydrocarbon liquids and water. Vane/mesh mist extractor for removal of particles XX microns in size and higher.

Major Equipment Specifications

Vessels and Towers: 1829mm x 914mm S/S (72” OD x 30ft S/S), internally coated

Other Features: Hydrocarbon liquid meter and water cut analyzer / 219mm (8”) inlet pressure control valve / 4268 mm x 7925 mm (14′ x 26′ skid and building)

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