350 HP, 5 Stage, Reciprocating Compressor Package

350 HP, 5 Stage, Reciprocating Compressor Package

Compass Model No.: EM350-RAA6-5

Application: Acid Gas Injection Compressor Package

Location: Dilley, TX

Customer Objective: Design and build acid gas compressor package to specific engineering specifications similar to previous units supplied to the same site

Design Challenges: End user had excess gas and Amine system capacity with limited injection capacity and required unit in a tight time frame, with long lead valves, instruments and stainless steel construction

Compass Solution: Work with the end user and engineering company to itemize long lead items and ordering approval process upfront to minimize delays during fabrication and assembly

Major Equipment Specifications

Compressor: Ariel JGA/6

Drive: Toshiba 350 HP @1200 RPM

Air Cooler: Air-X-Changers 72” horizontal forced draft aerial cooler

Control Panel: Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLC based control panel

Other Features: Acid Gas compression, outdoor installation, cold weather features required (no building). High level of instrumentation and controls

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