3750 HP, 1 Stage Reciprocating Compressor Package

3750 HP Reciprocating Compressor Package

3750 HP Reciprocating Compressor

Compass Model No.: CT3750-RAC4-1

Application: Higher Pressure Sour Sales

Customer Objective: Client’s requirement for a high pressure sour sales gas compressor moving ~ 300 mmscfd of product.

Design Challenges: Space limitations on site required the installation for a single unit.

Compass Solution: Compass looked at the conditions and proposed high efficiency pipeline cylinders with HE valve unloaders for turndown when required.  The application was a good fit for the Caterpillar G3612A4.

Major Equipment Specifications

Compressor: Ariel JGC/4

Drive: Caterpillar 3612LE

Air Cooler: AXH Air-Coolers 132FF2 ;    Allan Bradley CompactLogix PLC

Control Panel: Spartan Controls GE  RX3I

Other Features: No processing cooling required after compression, as the ratios were low and heat of compression produced was below the pipeline limitation.


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