400 HP Screw Compressor Package (Custom Unit)

400 HP Screw Compressor Package

400 HP Screw Compressor Package

Compass Model No.: WK400-SS-PDR25

Application: Mine Vent Gas Recovery

Location: Green River, Wyoming

Design Challenges: The customer required removal of explosive mine gas which was previously vented into the atmosphere. The mine gas included a certain percentage of 02 which needed to be accurately monitored to ensure the compressor operated outside of explosive limits.

Compass Solution: Compass Compression custom designed a 400 HP rotary screw compressor package pulling vacuum with a discharge pressure of 70 psig and special 02 sensing equipment. Once the gas was recovered it was used as plant fuel gas for burners on process equipment.

Major Equipment Specifications

Compressor: Sullair PDR25X-GD rotary screw compressor

Drive: Waukesha F18GSI natural gas engine rated 400 HP @ 1800 rpm

Air Cooler: Air-X-Limited 96AEF forced draft cooler assembly

Control Panel: Murphy Centurion PLC control panel complete with accessories

Other Features: Flat plate “plate & frame” compressor lube oil cooler

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