600 HP Hydrocarbon Dew Point Control Package

Hydrocarbon Dew Point Control Package

Hydrocarbon Dew Point Control Package

Compass Model No.: 11MMRGP-DET800-DPT650

Application: Hydrocarbon Dew Point Refrigeration Package

Objective: Associated gas dewpoint control and propane recovery

Design Challenges: Very ‘rich’ associated gas, propane recovery, fractionation / Aggressive delivery schedule / Project realization and funding

Compass Solution: Hydrocarbon Dew Point Control Package: Cascade de-ethanizer and de-propanizer columns. De-propanizer with complete condensing reflux system / Dedicated project team complete with executive sponsors / Compass was a participant in the bridge financing of the project

Major Equipment Specifications

Gas Flowrate Capacity: 311 E3m3/d (11 MMscfd)

HCL Flowrate Capacity: 50 m3/d (314 bbl/d) Propane / 59 m3/d (370 bbl/d) Butanes plus

Refrigerant Compressor: Frick SGC-2317

Driver: Electric Motor – 447 kW (600 HP)

Air Cooler: AXH Air-Coolers 108ZF (Product Condenser/Cooler) / 156ZF (Refrigerant Condenser)

Control Panel: Allan Bradley CompactLogix Control Panel

Other Features: 6.1m x 13.4m (20 ft x 44 ft) single skid for all process equipment except air exchangers

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