Acid Gas Dehy

Compass Model No.: Glycol Dehydrator

Application: Acid gas dehydration

Objective: Acid gas injection from a new plant into a high pressure, sour, dry, gathering pipeline to be converted to pure sulphur at an alternate location.  Target acid gas water content much lower than normal to suit pipeline operating conditions

Design Challenges:

  • Allowable outlet content of 4 lbs/MMSCFD which is extremely low relative to saturation
  • Purification of inlet gas and glycol
  • Corrosion control
  • Minimize and control fugitive and operator induced emissions

Compass Solution:

  • Packed stripping column with 2-3 stages, hot stripping gas, maximum reboiler temperature, elevated circulation rate
  • 16 tray contacting tower with gas and liquid distribution and mist elimination
  • Fine filtration of inlet gas and rich glycol
  • 316/316L SS material throughout
  • Flange connections throughout, instrument isolation and vent throughout

Major Equipment Specifications


  • 20” OD S/S inlet coalescer/filter.
  • 36” contacting tower with 16 high capacity valve trays
  • 30” OD glycol flash vessel
  • 26” OD, glycol carbon filter
  • 10” OD glycol particle filter


  • 0.42 MMBTU duty, BEM gas/glycol exchanger
  • 0.65 MMBTU duty, BEU lean/rich exchanger


  • 48” OD reboiler
  • 30” OD accumulator
  • 16” OD still column
  • 10” OD stripping column
  • 14” OD, 1.2 MM Btu/hr natural gas fired flame arrested fire-tube

Other Features: (2) 100% 10 HP Rotary Glycol Charge Pumps, 8 USGPM @ 600 psig discharge pressure. Lean glycol cooler, 0.11 MMBTU/hr, aerial type with 24” fan.

Control Panel: Profire 2100 BMS

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