Choosing a Compression Package Vendor – Part 4: Production

#4. Production Capabilities

The first time you step onto the floor of Compass’s 80,000 sq. ft. main production facility in Calgary, you might find it looks and feels a bit different. You’re right and there’s a reason.

“It’s designed like a shipyard,” says Production Manager, Mike Dunphy. “In shipbuilding, the ship is so big that it doesn’t move around. Everything comes to the ship. We have everything on wheels and it comes to what we’re constructing. It’s more efficient that way.”

The flow of materials through the facility is another aspect that visitors remark on. A heart-shaped layout allows for the smooth flow of materials in and manufactured goods out.

The facility’s layout and flow accelerate project execution. Technology also plays a role, both speeding-up production and streamlining team communication.

“We have a computer at every bay,” says Dunphy, “and constant communication that allows for lean decision-making. In some production facilities, a question gets passed from one person to another by email. Most of it is just fluff. When we type in a ticket, someone owns that and has to deal with it within 48 hours. With this accountability, we make decisions quicker.”

The Compass facility houses fabrication, plus in-house paint, sand and blast capabilities. Relying on Compass for all their manufacturing needs enhances product quality, consistency and accountability for the client. Only qualified Journeymen get on the shop floor and staff participate in ongoing technical training leading to certification.

As Mike Dunphy sees it, the layout, production flow, technology and people at the Compass production facility all create value for the client.

“Meeting client expectations is always a challenge, but we like that challenge,” says Dunphy, “because we like having the ability to change things for the better. We have a shop that’s smart and clean, guys who are qualified and efficient, and good product going out the door.”