Condensate Stabilizer Process Package

Condensate Stabilizer Package

Condensate Stabilizer Process Package

Compass Model No.: Process Equipment – Refluxed Stabilizer

Application: Liquid product vapour pressure and composition control

Customer Objective:

  • Control top and bottom product vapour pressure and key component content to allow tank and bullet storage.
  • Offload existing de-ethanizer to allow more plant throughput.
  • Sweeten inlet liquid.

Design Challenges: Generate discrete product specifications at both tower top and bottom while condensing using air cooler. Eliminate hydrate formation on inlet level control.

Compass Solution: Reboiler and reflux system, cooling air temperature controlled condenser, inlet heater and feed/bottoms exchanger.

Inlet Flowrate Capacity: 2500 bbl/d (397 m3/d)

Product Flowrates: 

  • 257 bbl/d (41 m3/d) Propane/butane mix
  • 796 bbl/d (127 m3/d) Pentanes plus

Major Equipment Specifications


  • 72” OD S/S vessel, Feed Drum
  • 30” OD Stabilizer Tower with 30 valve trays
  • 30” OD Reflux Drum


  • 0.8 MMbtu/hr ‘NEN’ Feed Preheater (Hot Oil)
  • 2.80 MMbtu/hr ‘BKU’ Tower Reboiler (Hot Oil)
  • 0.545 MMbtu/hr ‘NEN’ Feed/ Bottoms Exchanger

Product Cooler / Condenser: AXH 96ZF Condenser/Product Cooler with hot air recirculation and heating coil.

Other Features: (2) 100% 5 HP Side Channel Reflux Pumps, Direct Drive with # 52 seal plan.

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