Glycol System for Dewpoint Control

Dewpoint Control Processing System

Dewpoint Control Processing System

Compass Model No.: LTS and Ethylene Glycol Regeneration System

Application: Natural gas field processing for dewpoint control of natural gas.

Objective: Increase ability of existing hydrocarbon dewpoint control plant and prevent hydrate formation during refrigeration.

Design Challenges: Allow for integration of new equipment into existing plant while minimizing process upset and utility of site equipment.

Compass Solution: Liquid/liquid LTS design (allowed for use of existing LTS for gas/liquid separation) and hydrate suppression injection for new and existing equipment.

Major Equipment Specifications


  • 48” OD liquid/liquid LTS
  • 36” OD glycol flash vessel
  • 36” OD glycol carbon filter
  • Dual 6-5/8” glycol particle filter


  • 36” OD reboiler
  • 32” OD accumulator with coil type lean/rich exchanger
  • 16” OD still column
  • 14” OD, 0.6 MMbtu/hr natural gas fired flame arrested fire-tube

Other Features: (2) 100% 15 HP Reciprocating Glycol Charge Pumps, 2290 psig discharge pressure.

Control Panel: Profire 2100 BMS


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