Helping Navigate the Journey to Net-Zero Emissions 

Sustainability, ESG, and Energy Transformation

Our approach to energy transformation is grounded in our daily business activities. Our primary endeavor is to support our clients by delivering safe, efficient, and economical products, services, and innovations that help achieve ambitious emissions targets today and in the future.  A secondary goal – no less important – is our continuous efforts to minimize as much as possible our environmental impact through our operations.

Download our Energy Transformation Statement to understand everything we’re doing to help contribute to our industry’s ambitious climate goals. 

Image showing Energy Transformation Statement for Compass Energy System. Compass packages gas compression equipment, gas processing systems and power generation.

Product Innovations Working Now in Industry 

Drawing on our extensive experience in the engineering, design, and building of compression and process equipment, Compass is helping to address climate challenges. Over the last few years, we’ve worked with clients on packaging several ground-breaking product technologies. Today, these technologies are working and contributing to ambitious climate goals for energy transformation.

Flare Gas Recovery

A novel approach to reducing flaring and venting at well-sites are products that repurpose wasted gas to generate power. From here, the power can run on-site equipment or provide clean electricity back to the local grid. These flare gas recovery products also stretch into new technology territories where the power is used for energizing data centers and supporting advanced computing efforts in medical research and artificial intelligence.

Image showing power generation units in the field that Compass engineered and assembled for flare gas repurposing to power advance computations
 Flare Gas Recovery | Power Generation for Advanced Computing


Products built by Compass play an active role in fleet electrification by leveraging the local field gas network or repurposing gas at well-sites which convert fuel-powered equipment to electric drivers. Electrified compressors and process systems enable savings on fuel costs while also helping to lower emissions and increase the speed of production.

Carbon Capture Usage
and Storage

By building integrated packaging technology, Compass is helping to capture emissions for storage, heat recovery, and other various uses.

  • Our corporate partnerships are tackling commercial projects that are capturing and sequestering carbon dioxide (CO2) from the combustion of natural gas. The aim is high CO2 recovery rates, lower electrical loads, and targeted heat duty goals.
  • Acid gas is a type of natural gas that contains significant amounts of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), CO2, or similar acidic gases. Over the last 20+ years, we’ve emerged as the leader in acid gas compression and sweetening processes whereby CO2 and H2S are safely and economically reinjected.
Image showing Carbon Capture and Sequestration gas compression unit that Compass Energy Systems built
Compression Package | Carbon Capture for Sequestration

Emissions Reduction

All Compass packages are designed to meet industry regulations and environmental standards, but more is possible. Better environmental performance is accessible for our customers in many ways whether building new or extending the life of an existing asset with a retrofit.

Electrification of Existing Assets
We are helping many customers retrofit existing compressor packages from gas-driven to electric in efforts to reduce their carbon footprint.

Heat Recovery
Heat from gas-driven compressor packages is now being captured and used by our customers for power generation or reducing a facility’s fuel needs for heating systems. This is done on new assemblies or by retrofitting older field equipment.

Vent Capture
By adding the latest technology to new or existing compressor packages, we ensure that previously vented hydrocarbons are captured and either reused as a supplementary fuel source or eliminated to help reduce environmental impact.

Image showing a gas compression package designed for Helium Recovery and Purification as engineered and built by Compass Energy Systems
Compression Package | Helium Recovery & Purification

Specialty Gases

We support ideas beyond the traditional oil and gas market. This expanded reach is helping clients to gather and process new gases for blending, fuel, or supply to specialty gas markets, which include:

  • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)
  • Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)
  • Helium Recovery & Purification
  • Hydrogen

Asset Life Extension

Whether it’s a retrofit, overhaul, or regular repairs and maintenance on existing or surplus equipment, our field services capabilities extend the life of equipment by upgrading old engine emission technology with new technology that reduces fuel consumption and emissions.

Pic showing Compass Energy System's doing field servicing on gas compression units, gas processing and power generation
Field Service | Repairs, Overhauls, and Retrofit

Carbon capture, electrification, flare gas and heat recovery are some of the ways we’re helping the industry’s journey to net-zero emissions.