Expert compression and process solutions, via exceptional experiences

We provide powerful compression and process package solutions for natural gas applications. Our integrated and experienced team designs, fabricates, and delivers small-to-large horsepower compression units and process packages of the highest quality, coupled with the best client experiences.

Clients come to us with a wide range of compression and process needs, varying in complexity and specifications. Our team provides industry-leading expertise and builds reliable packages that meet the toughest standards and the most challenging applications.

Compass is able to support the full life cycle of our clients’ compression and process equipment – our Retrofit, and Parts+Service Divisions ensure optimal performance, and our Rentals Division provides the fleet and flexibility to support almost any project.

Clients trust us with their design and delivery specifications, knowing we will provide a package that meets, and often exceeds, their expectations.

Our 5 Divisions enable us to optimize and support the life of your equipment

5 HP – 8,000 HP, Top-Quality, Compression Packages

We offer a range of large and small, reciprocating, rotary screw, and rotary vane compressor packages.  We are licensed to work with the most established and reliable brands in the world, including Ariel, CAT, Frick, RoFlo and Innio.

Tailored Engineering and Design

We approach each job with a commitment to building value for our clients by delivering products of unmatched quality to meet their specific needs and expectations. Our highly-skilled team of experts has a deep understanding of the Industry and we’re able to provide our clients with both standard and custom-engineered solutions.

Our capabilities Include the Following:

  • Reciprocating, Rotary Screw and Rotary Vane compressors
  • Electric and natural gas engine drivers
  • Variable applications:
    • Natural gas gathering
    • Storage/withdrawal
    • Refrigeration compression
    • Inlet/sales gas
    • Recycle compression
    • Overheads compression
    • Vapor recovery compression
    • Acid gas injection
    • Gas lift/EOR
    • Fuel gas boosting
    • Landfill gas recovery
    • Specialty applications (He, H2, Air, CO2)


Superior Process Equipment Solutions, Designed and Fabricated for Gas Producers, Worldwide

Our dedicated team of skilled and experienced industry professionals, provides hands-on knowledge of process equipment design, fabrication and assembly. From engineering to manufacturing to starting-up, we understand process equipment and modular packaging, and we creatively and efficiently accommodate our clients’ diverse requirements and specifications.

Our process equipment ranges from small, independent, skid-mounted modules to large, integrated, multi-skid processing systems for larger gas processing plants and petrochemical systems.

Our process and compression packages receive full life cycle support from our Parts+Service Division, including training, commissioning, maintaining, and troubleshooting, and our Retrofit Division provides debottlenecking and reapplication modifications.

Our capabilities include:

  • Separation, knock-out and filtration
  • Gas treatment (sweetening, contaminant removal)
  • Gas dehydration
  • Hydrocarbon dew point control
  • Hydrocarbon liquids fractionation/conditioning


Retrofit and Optimize Equipment Performance

Our dedicated Retrofit team is comprised of seasoned industry experts with deep experience in current and non-current natural gas compression equipment. We can provide retrofit solutions that will increase operating efficiencies, horsepower utilization and operational flexibility.

Close collaboration and open communication are how our Retrofit team stands apart from the others.  Our quotes and schedules are collaboratively developed, and our clients know that when project-related challenges arise, we will work through them together and do our utmost to maintain the budget and schedule.

We work on all types of reciprocating and rotary compressor packages – either at your field location – or at one of our facilities in Calgary, AB, Grande Prairie, AB, or Casper, WY.

Retrofit services include:

  • Recylindering
  • Restaging
  • Major component replacements
  • Package modularization
  • Sweet to sour conversion
  • Driver changes
  • Cooler resectioning
  • Control panels and instrumentation
  • Noise controls solutions
  • Emissions controls solutions
  • Pulsation and vibration mitigation

Our Retrofit optimization services include:

  • Compressor configuration analysis
  • Compressor reconfiguration recommendations
  • Consultation services for new natural gas fields and developed fields
Surplus Equipment Database

We have a comprehensive surplus equipment database. Canadian, US and international users have the ability to search, purchase, and sell compression and process packages and components.

Search and Buy Equipment

Our easy-to-use database allows for searching through thousands of compressor packages and components currently available for purchase. Our Retrofit team offers expert knowledge to improve compressor performance and also provides a service solution. We ensure quality and reliability with our in-house operational approach, eliminating middle agents and resulting in prime pricing and turnaround times.

Our team is ready to assist you with:

  • Equipment evaluation
  • Costing
  • Marketing and sales
  • Reconditioning work
  • Deployment your surplus fleet


Quick delivery of optimized, and custom-modified, stock rental compression equipment

Our fleet of stock equipment and quick-delivery standard units are available on a rental, or rent-to-purchase basis. With our in-house expertise, we’re able to quickly modify the equipment to meet the demands of our client’s business.

Renting provides our clients with the opportunity to exchange equipment throughout the life of their projects, in order to boost production and decrease operating costs. Purchase options are available with short- or long-term contracts.

Renting gives our clients flexibility, reduces risk and save time

If customers prove-out the field, or the well, and the fit is correct, they often buy-out the unit. If the fit isn’t correct, our clients simply rent another unit that more closely fits their requirements. Renting from Compass helps our clients gain control over some of the unknowns and helps manage their risks.

Our rental fleet includes:

  • Reciprocating compressor packages
  • Rotary screw compressor packages
  • Vapor recovery units
  • Electric- or gas-driven units
  • Horizontal separator/blowcase packages
  • Sweet or sour gas designs

Renting with Compass includes:

  • Full engineering and technical support, from performance runs to troubleshooting
  • Around-the-clock response, and an extensive critical parts inventory to minimize downtime
  • Full unit warranty
  • Custom financing options
  • Optional preventative maintenance program that complements compressor package rentals. This program includes:
    • All preventative and corrective maintenance
    • Field service calls
    • Equipment overhauls
    • Cost of rental return

Rapid and Reliable, Parts and Service for your Process and Compression Equipment

Parts + Service:
780-567-2159          Spare Parts:

Mechanical problems and unexpected equipment breakdowns happen. We get it, and we know that waiting until morning to get your equipment fixed is not an option. That’s why we have a large parts inventory, and specialized, OEM-trained and experienced field technicians available around the clock.

We have multiple locations throughout western Canada and the northwestern United States, including a 19,000 square foot overhaul shop and service facility in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Our fleet of service trucks, complete with specialty tooling capabilities is ready to get our experienced technicians to client job sites whenever they’re needed.

Technicians provide on-site mechanical, and panel & control services to maintain, repair, optimize and overhaul compression and process equipment. We also offer long-term maintenance contracts and component exchange programs to minimize equipment downtime and to maximize the value of your equipment.

Reliable field service on demand, any time:

Our experienced and skilled field technicians are:

  • OEM-trained
  • CAT-3600 and Waukesha-factory trained
  • Ariel-certified
  • PLC experts

And help our clients with:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Complete package tune-ups and repairs
  • Compression commissioning and start-up
  • Engine and compressor exchange program
  • Component exchange program
  • Panel and control panels
  • In-shop and on-site major equipment overhauls (engine and compressor)
  • Large horsepower engine service
  • Operator support and training
  • Preventative maintenance (unscheduled or long-term maintenance contracts)
  • Refrigeration and compression optimization
  • Warranty and product support
Exchange Programs

Compass maintains an inventory of tested, rebuilt equipment with standard component warranties. This program enables us to provide our clients with rebuilt equipment quickly and efficiently to help reduce their equipment downtime and lost production. Our rebuilt equipment inventory includes engines, compressors, heads, water pumps, starters, packing cases, conrods and more.

Equipment Overhauls
  • Rebuild Centers: We operate full service shops with lifting capabilities and dedicated resources to rebuild engines and compressors to OEM specifications. All rebuilt equipment comes  with a one-year warranty.
  • On-Site Overhaul:  We also perform engine and compressor overhauls in the field.
Robust Parts and Engine Components Inventory

Our extensive parts inventory enables us to provide the critical parts our clients need, when they need them. We carry parts from leading OEM’s:

  • Gardner Denver
  • MyCom
  • Sullair
  • Cummins



Load More

Our capabilities include the following:

  • Reciprocating, Rotary Screw, and Rotary Vane compressors
  • Electric and natural gas engine drivers
  • Variable Applications:
    • Natural gas gathering
    • Storage/withdrawal
    • Refrigeration compression
    • Inlet/sales gas
    • Recycle compression
    • Overheads compression
    • Vapor recovery compression
    • Acid gas injection
    • Gas lift/EOR
    • Fuel gas boosting
    • Landfill gas recovery
    • Specialty applications (He, H2, Air, CO2)

We service the following markets:

  • Upstream
  • Midstream
  • Downstream
  • LNG facilities
  • Gas separation facilities
  • Gas processing
  • Power plants (fuel gas compression)
  • Turbine fuel
  • Industrial gas
  • Under-balanced drilling

We Partner with Brands you Know and Trust

We proudly partner with the following top-tier OEM brands to ensure our equipment is reliable and high-performing.



Purpose-Built, State-of-the-Art Facilities

Reducing Lead Times and Increasing Efficiency

We have 125,000 square feet of production space dedicated to assembling and fabricating high-performance compression and process packages. Our facilities were strategically designed by skilled and experienced Compass experts to meet the demands of our clients for custom and standard, large and small HP compressor packages, and process systems. Frontier, our newest 80,000 square foot facility, is world-class and enables us to build compression and process modules with optimal efficiency.

Single-source solutions

The facilities maximize efficiency and include design, fabrication, assembly, sand blast and paint bays that allow us to seamlessly provide our clients with single-source solutions. Our single-source approach improves the integration of compression and process equipment resulting in superior quality control, reliability, and decreased costs for our clients.


  • Assembly

  • Blast Booth

  • Paint Booth

  • Skid Fabrication

  • Structural Steel Fabrication

  • Pipe Fabrication

  • Vessel Fabrication

  • Welder Testing

Our facilities offer:

  • Fully-integrated ERP system
  • Real-time information communication system in each bay
  • Increased capacity and flow with 16 bays, with one door per bay at 26’ wide x 28’ high
  • Six bays equipped with mullion doors providing three, 52’ wide x 28’ high openings
  • Utilities in each bay
  • Cranes: 6 x 25 ton cranes and 3 x 30 ton cranes
  • Complete in-house pipe, vessel and skid fabrication
  • Indoor paint and blast booths that emit zero dust and reduce waste
    • Indoor paint booth – 62’ long x 30’ wide x 20’ high
    • Indoor blast booth – 60’ long x 30’ wide x 20’ high