We Design and Fabricate Compression and Gas Processing Solutions
for the Energy Industry

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We provide powerful compression and process package solutions for natural gas applications. Our integrated and experienced team designs, fabricates, and delivers small-to-large horsepower compression units and process packages of the highest quality, coupled with the best client experiences.

Clients come to us with a wide range of compression and process needs, varying in complexity and specifications. Our team provides industry-leading expertise and builds reliable packages that meet the toughest standards and the most challenging applications.

Compass is able to support the full life cycle of our clients’ compression and process equipment – our Retrofit, and Parts+Service Divisions ensure optimal performance, and our Rentals Division provides the fleet and flexibility to support almost any project.

Clients trust us with their design and delivery specifications, knowing we will provide a package that meets, and often exceeds, their expectations.

Natural-Gas-Engine-Driven Generator Packages (GenSets)

In addition to our five business divisions, we also design and fabricate reliable, gas-driven generator packages.  Our clients often buy multiple GenSets
to help ensure their gas plants keep running – no matter what.

We provide standard and custom-designed, power generation packages using natural gas-driven engines that can be used in multiple applications. These units can be used as continuous, or standby power, depending on your specific needs.

Our GenSet offerings are based on the reliable Waukesha VGF and VHP natural gas engine series engines providing 50 and 60 Hz power capability
from 300-1800 kW.

Our packaging capabilities allow our packaging to be installed in the harshest climates and meet the most stringent noise specifications.

Our 5 business divisions enable us to optimize and support your compression and process equipment
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Retrofit IMG_1928 from Al Nov. 2018
Retrofit & Surplus
RENTALS C-1011-12
Parts + Service

Our capabilities include the following:

  • Reciprocating, Rotary Screw, and Rotary Vane compressors
  • Electric and natural gas engine drivers
  • Natural Gas-Engine-Driven Generator Packages (GenSets)
  • Variable Applications:
    • Natural gas gathering
    • Storage/withdrawal
    • Refrigeration compression
    • Inlet/sales gas
    • Recycle compression
    • Overheads compression
    • Vapor recovery compression
    • Acid gas injection
    • Gas lift/EOR
    • Fuel gas boosting
    • Landfill gas recovery
    • Specialty applications (He, H2, Air, CO2)

We service the following markets:

  • Upstream
  • Midstream
  • Downstream
  • LNG facilities
  • Gas separation facilities
  • Gas processing
  • Power plants (fuel gas compression)
  • Turbine fuel
  • Industrial gas
  • Under-balanced drilling

We Partner with Brands you Know and Trust

We proudly partner with the following top-tier OEM brands to ensure our equipment is reliable and high-performing.



Purpose-Built, State-of-the-Art Facilities

Reducing Lead Times and Increasing Efficiency

We have 125,000 square feet of production space dedicated to assembling and fabricating high-performance compression and process packages. Our facilities were strategically designed by skilled and experienced Compass experts to meet the demands of our clients for custom and standard, large and small HP compressor packages, and process systems. Frontier, our newest 80,000 square foot facility, is world-class and enables us to build compression and process modules with optimal efficiency.

Single-source solutions

The facilities maximize efficiency and include design, fabrication, assembly, sand blast and paint bays that allow us to seamlessly provide our clients with single-source solutions. Our single-source approach improves the integration of compression and process equipment resulting in superior quality control, reliability, and decreased costs for our clients.


  • Assembly

  • Blast Booth

  • Paint Booth

  • Skid Fabrication

  • Structural Steel Fabrication

  • Pipe Fabrication

  • Vessel Fabrication

  • Welder Testing

Our facilities offer:

  • Fully-integrated ERP system
  • Real-time information communication system in each bay
  • Increased capacity and flow with 16 bays, with one door per bay at 26’ wide x 28’ high
  • Six bays equipped with mullion doors providing three, 52’ wide x 28’ high openings
  • Utilities in each bay
  • Cranes: 6 x 25 ton cranes and 3 x 30 ton cranes
  • Complete in-house pipe, vessel and skid fabrication
  • Indoor paint and blast booths that emit zero dust and reduce waste
    • Indoor paint booth – 62’ long x 30’ wide x 20’ high
    • Indoor blast booth – 60’ long x 30’ wide x 20’ high