Quick delivery of optimized, compression equipment rentals

Our fleet of stock equipment and quick-delivery standard units are available on a rental, or rent-to-purchase basis. With our in-house expertise, we’re able to quickly modify the equipment to meet the demands of our client’s business.

Renting provides our clients with the opportunity to exchange equipment throughout the life of their projects in order to boost production and decrease operating costs. Purchase options are available with short- or long-term contracts.

Renting offers flexibility, reduces risk and saves time

If customers prove-out the field, or the well, and the fit is correct, they often buy-out the unit. If the fit isn’t correct, our clients simply rent another unit that more closely fits their requirements. Renting from Compass helps our clients gain control over some of the unknowns and helps manage their risks.

Compression rentals with Compass include:
  • Full engineering and technical support, from performance runs to troubleshooting
  • Around-the-clock response, and an extensive critical parts inventory to minimize downtime
  • Full unit warranty
  • Custom financing options
  • Optional preventative maintenance program that complements compressor package rentals. This program includes:
    • All preventative and corrective maintenance
    • Field service calls
    • Equipment overhauls
    • Cost of rental return
RENTALS C-1011-12

Our rental fleet includes:

  • Reciprocating compressor packages
  • Rotary screw compressor packages
  • Vapor recovery units
  • Electric- or gas-driven units
  • Horizontal separator/blowcase packages
  • Sweet or sour gas designs
Our 5 business divisions enable us to optimize and support your compression and process equipment
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Retrofit & Surplus
RENTALS C-1011-12
Parts + Service