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Mechanical problems and unexpected equipment breakdowns happen. We get it, and we know that waiting until morning to get your equipment fixed is not an option. That’s why we have a large parts inventory, and specialized, OEM-trained and experienced field technicians available around the clock.

We have multiple locations throughout western Canada and the northwestern United States, including a 19,000 square foot overhaul shop and service facility in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Our fleet of service trucks, complete with specialty tooling capabilities is ready to get our experienced technicians to client job sites whenever they’re needed.

Technicians provide on-site mechanical, and panel & control services to maintain, repair, optimize and overhaul compression and process equipment. We also offer long-term maintenance contracts and component exchange programs to minimize equipment downtime and to maximize the value of your equipment.

Our spare parts inventory:

We have an extensive spare parts inventory at significantly reduced prices. View our current inventory

Connect with our Parts Manager, Shawn, for more details:

C: 780-720-3414

Exchange Programs

Compass maintains an inventory of tested, rebuilt equipment with standard component warranties. This program enables us to provide our clients with rebuilt equipment quickly and efficiently to help reduce their equipment downtime and lost production. Our rebuilt equipment inventory includes engines, compressors, heads, water pumps, starters, packing cases, conrods and more.

Equipment Overhauls
  • Rebuild Centers: We operate full service shops with lifting capabilities and dedicated resources to rebuild engines and compressors to OEM specifications. All rebuilt equipment comes  with a one-year warranty.
  • On-Site Overhaul:  We also perform engine and compressor overhauls in the field.
Robust Parts and Engine Components Inventory

Our extensive parts inventory enables us to provide the critical parts our clients need, when they need them. We carry parts from leading OEM’s:

  • Gardner Denver
  • MyCom
  • Sullair
  • Cummins
Our 5 business divisions enable us to optimize and support your compression and process equipment
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