Retrofit and Optimize Compression Equipment


Our dedicated Retrofit team is comprised of seasoned industry experts with deep experience in current and non-current natural gas compression equipment. We can provide retrofit solutions that will increase operating efficiencies, horsepower utilization and operational flexibility.

Close collaboration and open communication are how our Retrofit team stands apart from the others.  Our quotes and schedules are collaboratively developed, and our clients know that when project-related challenges arise, we will work through them together and do our utmost to maintain the budget and schedule.

We work on all types of reciprocating and rotary compressor packages – either at your field location – or at one of our facilities in Calgary, AB, Clairmont, AB, or Casper, WY.


Our Retrofit services include:
  • Recylindering
  • Restaging
  • Major component replacements
  • Package modularization
  • Sweet to sour conversion
  • Driver changes
  • Cooler resectioning
  • Control panels and instrumentation
  • Noise controls solutions
  • Emissions controls solutions
  • Pulsation and vibration mitigation
Our optimization services include:
  • Compressor configuration analysis
  • Compressor reconfiguration recommendations
  • Consultation services for new natural gas fields and developed fields


Surplus Packages and Equipment

Featured Surplus Packages:
Surplus Equipment Database

We have a comprehensive surplus equipment database. Canadian, US and international users have the ability to search, purchase, and sell compression and process packages and components.

Search and Buy Equipment

Our easy-to-use database allows for searching through thousands of compressor packages and components currently available for purchase. Our Retrofit team offers expert knowledge to improve compressor performance and also provides a service solution. We ensure quality and reliability with our in-house operational approach, eliminating middle agents and resulting in prime pricing and turnaround times.

Our team is ready to assist you with:
  • Evaluating equipment
  • Costing
  • Reconditioning
  • Deploying your surplus fleet
Our 5 business divisions enable us to optimize and support your compression and process equipment
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Retrofit & Surplus
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