Leading Provider of Top-Quality Gas Processing and
Compression Equipment Packages

Our experienced and skilled team has hundreds of years of combined industry experience, with a deep understanding of the oil and gas industry, and the compression and process packaging business. Over the last 20 years, we’ve developed a diverse and global client-base and our clients know they can count on us to consistently and efficiently deliver systems that successfully meet their unique, and often complex project requirements and specifications.

Our five business divisions enable us to design, fabricate, optimize, and support the life of our clients’ equipment.

Compression: We offer a full range of reciprocating, rotary screw and rotary vane compressor packages, ranging from 5 HP to 8,000 HP.

Process: We offer packaged process equipment, ranging from small skid-mounted units to inter-connected multiple module units.

Retrofit & Surplus: We offer solutions that increase equipment operating efficiencies, horsepower utilization and operational flexibility.

Rentals/Leasing: We offer a well-maintained fleet of equipment available on a rental, or rent-to-purchase basis.

Parts + Service: Our OEM-trained, and experienced, field technicians are located throughout western Canada and the northwestern United States, and are available around the clock.

Compass is also unique in that we have our own purpose-built fabricating and packaging facilities, including our 80,000 square foot Frontier facility. This world-class facility features design, fabrication, assembly, sand blast bays and paint bays enabling us to seamlessly provide our clients with complete solutions.

At Compass, we’re committed to providing our clients with expert solutions and exceptional experiences, through all stages of a project.

Industry-Renowned Leadership

Compass’ renowned  Leadership Team is comprised of skilled and experienced industry experts who are dedicated to guiding Compass into long-term prosperity. Strong top-down leadership ensures values are shared at all levels and then translated into positive experiences for our employees and clients. 

Never satisfied with good enough, continual improvement comes from a culture of learning and sharing. Our Leadership Team encourages everyone at Compass to innovate at all levels. This passion for development within the team has fostered an environment where each employee is responsible for helping projects become reality, and for providing the right solutions and optimal experiences to our clients.

With an eye on the future, and never ready to rest on today’s accomplishments, our Leadership Team will continue to lead, inspire and encourage Compass team members to grow and evolve.

Health & Safety

No Incidents. No Excuses. Our Commitment to Safety.

At Compass, safety is a lifestyle, not a choice. Our commitment is to ensure that our people go home at the end of the day, the same way they arrived.

Compass employees at every level are responsible, and accountable, for the company’s overall safety initiatives. We believe in supporting an environment of safe work and ensuring the safety of our employees is our top priority. Safety is core to our beliefs and our business.

We adhere to the highest health and safety standards and follow industry best practices. We belong to registries including ComplyWorks and ISNetworld in order to provide complete transparency to our clients, and to the industry.

We regularly conduct safety exercises to develop safety knowledge and to increase the overall awareness and understanding of potential hazards.

We constantly strive to promote and achieve excellence in health and safety, at all times within the workplace.

COR Certification

A Certificate of Recognition (COR) established by the Alberta Employment and Immigration Partnership Program signifies Compass’ Health & Safety Program complies with industry standards. Continued certification includes ongoing external audits and quality assurance reviews.











Key Accomplishments Timeline

Two decades helping companies with their gas compression and processing needs


History Timeline 2001

  • Established Compass Compression
  • Established Caterpillar engine packaging agreement
  • Established Cummins engine packaging agreement

History Timeline 2006

Established GE (Gemini) compressor packaging agreement


History Timeline 2008

  • Changed Ownership
  • Merged rental companies with manufacturing companies
  • Partnered with Waukesha Engine Power (Innio)

History Timeline 2009

Developed Rotary Vane product line


History Timeline 2010

  • Became authorized distributor for Ariel and Frick
  • Established long-term relationships with other Tier 1 OEMs like Ro-Flo, CAT, Innio (Waukesha)
  • Increased fabrication space for larger packages
  • Completed first VHP (very high power) package Waukesha 7042GSI 

History Timeline 2011

  • Began designing and fabricating 3600 Series CAT/Ariel JGC package (3500 HP)
  • Began designing and fabricating large (>2500 HP) compression packages
  • Celebrated 10 years in business
  • Expanded into northern Alberta, BC and the northwestern United States
  • Acquired Grande Prairie service company
  • Earned Health & Safety Certificate of Recognition (COR)
  • Awarded Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award

History Timeline 2012

  • Launched US service division in Wyoming and North Dakota
  • Brought vessel, pipe and skid fabrication in-house

History Timeline 2013

  • Launched Retrofit division
  • Added third facility (vessels & process piping)

History Timeline 2015

  • Established Platinum participation in GE’s Waukesha Gas Compression Power Packager Program (direct purchasing of parts)
  • Completed Frontier, our state-of-the-art packaging facility and head office location
  • Increased production capacity by 50% for large HP packages, freeing up production space for Vapour Recovery Units (VRUs) and small HP compression business

History Timeline 2015 a

  • Expanded product line with the launch of the Process Division

History Timeline 2016

  • Celebrated 15 years in business

History Timeline 2018

  • Rebranded from Compass Compression to Compass, to signify our expansion beyond the Compression industry.
  • Compass is a unique, diverse business with five integrated business lines: Compression, Process, Retrofit, Rentals, Parts+Service

History Timeline 2019

  • Created Northbase, a strategic partnership that provides flexible capital solutions for essential infrastructure assets.
  • Expanded our global footprint into Australia and the Middle East. We now have packages installations in 18 international locations.

History Timeline 2020

  • Celebrating 19 years in business.