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We are a privately-owned company, established in 2001, that is led by a team with deep experience in the natural gas compression and process industry.

Since the beginning, our team has pushed the boundaries of what is possible.


By listening to our customers and employees, delivering the right solutions, and being bold when steering the company through the highs and lows of the industry.

This approach led us to build bigger compression packages, expand into field services in Canada and the US, as well as launch our Retrofit, Process and Power offerings. And in 2020, we acquired Exterran’s US compression assets and cemented our services in Houston to serve clients worldwide.

Helping a Transforming Energy Industry

A big part of what we do is helping our customers navigate the journey to net-zero emissions.

The global energy market is evolving. Today, we are identifying exciting possibilities for tomorrow’s industry.

Our expert know-how in traditional gas compression packaging and processing systems is now leveraged to explore new ideas in flare gas recovery and power generation, electrification, carbon capture, and specialty gases such as Helium, Hydrogen, and others including CNG and RNG.

Driven by our purpose to be a trusted energy systems provider for an evolving market, our promise to customers is to listen and make recommendations to find the right solution for unique project needs while staying focused on delivering an optimal experience.

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Our Values 

Our Purpose

Your trusted energy systems partner for an evolving global market.

Our Promise

The Right Solution and an
Optimal Experience.

Our Values 


We are respectful, speak the truth, and do the right thing in everything we do, even when it does not work in our favor.


We work hard, deliver on commitments, and add value to all that we do for our customers, employees, and suppliers.


We continuously build on our expertise, processes, and systems to overcome obstacles, find solutions and get things done right.


We are a team of high-performers that challenge each other. We foster a safe, fun and diverse culture where skills are developed.

Challenged by Financing Options?

Northbase Finance | Flexible Capital Solutions for Operating Assets

Compass jointly owns Northbase, which provides customized, flexible capital financing solutions for essential operating assets to its client base across North America.   To learn more, visit Northbase Finance. 


Global Reach | US, Canada, & International

In 2020, we acquired a remarkable legacy with our acquisition of Exterran’s flagship manufacturing operation in Houston, Texas. Many well-recognized and successful gas compression packaging companies helped form and build the 4444 Brittmoore Road heritage, including South Coast Gas, Tidewater, Universal Compression, Weatherford Gas Compression Services, Hanover Compression, KCI, and more.

We’re proud to continue to build on this history as we design and fabricate gas compression equipment, gas processing systems, and power generation packages with a talented team, many of whom had a hand in Brittmoore’s past.

Alongside our 20+ years of history in Canada and the northern US, the acquisition included a robust arsenal of industry-leading engineering and production drawings developed, honed, and refined over many decades of solving clients’ challenges for every type of application in North America and beyond.

Our Houston presence also strengthens our ability to support the full life cycle of gas compression packages, processing systems, and power generation packages deeper into the US which covers retrofits, system overhauls, ongoing maintenance, parts sales, and more.

Industry-Renowned Leadership

Compass’ leadership team and board members are skilled and experienced industry professionals, most of whom have spent their entire careers in the gas compression and gas processing industry. They are a strong group of leaders with a rarely-seen passion and interest in the industry.

Together, they are committed to leading, inspiring, and encouraging Compass team members to grow and evolve. For our customers, the leadership team guides our broader group to ensure we are delivering on our promise of the right solution and an optimal experience through all our offerings.   

Meet Our Leadership Team
John Forgeron
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Bill Moore
Chief Operating Officer
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Doug Eger
Chief Financial Officer
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Meet Our Board of Directors
John Festival
Board Member
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Board Member
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Phil Ness
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Scott Douglas
Board Member
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Health & Safety

Safety is Our Compass. No Incidents. No Excuses.

At Compass, safety is a lifestyle, not a choice. Our commitment is to ensure that our people go home the way they arrived at the end of every day.

Compass employees at every level are responsible and accountable for the company’s overall safety initiatives. We believe in supporting an environment of safe work, and ensuring the safety of our employees is our top priority. Safety is core to our beliefs and our business.

We adhere to the highest health and safety standards and follow industry best practices. We belong to registries, including ComplyWorks and ISNetworld, to provide complete transparency to our clients and the industry.

We regularly conduct exercises to develop safety knowledge and increase awareness and understanding of potential hazards.

We constantly strive to promote and achieve excellence in health and safety at all times within the workplace.

Our Certifications

Our Health & Safety program adheres to industry standards and best practices. We maintain our certifications through regular external audits and quality assurance reviews.

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Key Accomplishments Timeline

More than two decades of helping companies with their gas compression, processing, and power system needs.


  • Expanded our product portfolio to include Power Systems
  • Added a new location to our Parts + Service Division in Kenedy, Texas.


  • Celebrated 20th Anniversary
  • Expanded Parts + Service Division into southern United States (Texas, Oklahoma).

History Timeline 2020

  • Acquired Exterran Corporation’s US compression assets, including the Brittmoore Road facility in Houston, TX.
  • Increased our production space to 400,000 square feet.
  • Expanded our product portfolio to include US-style compression packages manufactured in our Brittmoore Road facility.

History Timeline 2019

  • Created Northbase Finance Inc. (Northbase), a strategic partnership that provides flexible capital solutions for essential operating assets.
  • Expanded our global footprint into Australia and the Middle East. We now have package installations in 19 international locations.



History Timeline 2018

  • Rebranded from Compass Compression to Compass, to reflect our expansion beyond the compression industry.
  • Compass offers five integrated business divisions: Compression, Process, Retrofit, Rentals, Parts+Service

History Timeline 2016

  • Celebrated 15 years in business

History Timeline 2015 a

  • Expanded product line with the launch of our Process Division

History Timeline 2015

  • Completed Frontier: our state-of-the-art packaging facility and head office in Calgary, AB.
  • Established Platinum Partnership in GE’s Waukesha Gas Compression Power Packager Program.
  • Increased production capacity by 50% for large HP packages.

History Timeline 2013

  • Launched Retrofit Division
  • Added third facility (vessels & process piping)

History Timeline 2012

  • Launched US Service Division in Wyoming and North Dakota
  • Brought vessel, pipe and skid fabrication in-house

History Timeline 2011

  • Began designing and fabricating 3600 Series CAT/Ariel JGC package (3500 HP)
  • Began designing and fabricating large (>2500 HP) compression packages
  • Celebrated 10 years in business
  • Expanded into northern Alberta, BC and the northwestern United States
  • Acquired Grande Prairie service company
  • Earned Health & Safety Certificate of Recognition (COR)
  • Awarded Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award

History Timeline 2010

  • Became authorized distributor for Ariel and Frick
  • Established long-term relationships with other Tier 1 OEMs like Ro-Flo, CAT, Innio (Waukesha)
  • Increased fabrication space for larger packages
  • Completed first VHP (very high power) package Waukesha 7042GSI 

History Timeline 2009

Developed Rotary Vane product line


History Timeline 2008

  • Changed Ownership
  • Merged rental companies with manufacturing companies
  • Partnered with Waukesha Engine Power (Innio)

History Timeline 2006

Established GE (Gemini) compressor packaging agreement


History Timeline 2001

  • Established Compass Compression
  • Established Caterpillar engine packaging agreement
  • Established Cummins engine packaging agreement