1478 HP Low Pressure Pipeline Screw Compressor Package

Low Pressure Pipeline Screw Compressor

Low Pressure Pipeline Screw Compressor

Compass Model No.: WK1478-SF450

Application: Low Pressure Pipeline Compressor

Location: North Dakota

Customer Objective: Install a number of low pressure pipeline compressors along the pipeline to allow additional tie-in points for customers (solution gas)

Compass Solution: Compass Compression evaluated the application and proposed large screw compressor packages vs multi-stage reciprocating compressor packages to minimize initial capital, operating and maintenance costs.

A Waukesha stoichiometric engine was selected due to the rich fuel gas available.

Major Equipment Specifications

Compressor: Frick NGC series 450E integrally geared oil flooded screw

Drive: Waukesha L7042GSI rated 1478 HP @ 1200 rpm

Air Cooler: Air-X-Changer 156 EH engine drive vertical fan cooler

Control Panel: Allan Bradley Compact Logix PLC control panel complete with accessories

Other Features: Process design for variable conditions – high gas rate

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