250 HP Oil Sands Solvent Recovery Module (Custom Unit)

Oil Sands Solvent Recovery

Oil Sands Solvent Recovery Module

Compass Model No.: EM250-RAJ4 (Process)

Application: Solvent Recovery Module

Customer Objective: An oil sands process solvent recovery module

Design Challenges:

  • Asphaltene build-up
  • Corrosive gasses
  • Handling of light liquids dropping out in the intercoolers and final stage condenser

Compass Solution: Compass engineered a custom 3-stage vapour recovery compressor package designed for a corrosive application. The final design included a discharge economizer, condenser and LT separator to address the unique design challenges of this project.
*Sour gas process module

Major Equipment Specifications

Compressor: Ariel JGA4 complete with (2) 10.50”, (1) 8.50” & (1) 4.75” cylinders

Drive: 250 HP electric motor, 1200 rpm, 600V / 3PH / 60 Hz

Control Panel: Allen Bradley – Compact Logix PLC control panel complete with accessories

Other Features: Condensing module on discharge, including gas-gas exchanger, chiller and discharge separator

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