(2) x 1680 HP Engine Driven Refrigeration Package

Process Refrigeration Compression Equipment

Process Refrigeration Compression Equipment

Compass Model No.: Dual WK1680-SF_3519

Application: Process refrigeration compression

Customer Objective: Provide process refrigeration to replace existing infrastructure and future expansion requirements

Design Challenges: Space limitations on site (~ 120ft x 120ft) required the package to be designed with two large HP engine driven compressors to be packaged within a single building.  The skid was designed to allow for “bolt-in” future expansion for another twin module to be installed.

Compass Solution: With the space limitations imposed, Compass was able to meet the design challenges by incorporating the plot space under the condensers to be used for other process equipment.  In addition, a large horizontal economizer was proposed to be used with each dual train compressor.  This further reduced not only the cost, but the required packaged footprint.

Major Equipment Specifications

Compressor: Two (2) Frick 3519 compressors, c/w speed increaser

Drive: Two (2) Waukesha L7044GSI, 1680 bhp at 1200 rpm

Air Cooler: Two (2) AXH 168-2Z condensers, with two (2) 132-1Z engine water coolers

Control Panel: AB PLC

Other Features: Fully integrated control with the existing plant compression on site

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