Pump Packages

Compass Model No.: EM200-PLG3M

Application: Acid gas pipeline charge pump

Customer Objective: Condense and pump acid gas from compressor/dehydrator for injection into sour gas gathering pipeline

Design Challenges:

  • Condense acid gas and generate suitable pressure to feed pump
  • Reliable safe operation
  • Minimize corrosion
  • Minimize fugitive and operator induced emissions

Compass Solution:

  • Use of a vertical style condenser with a horizontal accumulator vessel to minimize footprint and maximize the pressure below the bubble point
  • Dual pump packages
  • Double diaphragm reciprocating pump. Package with flange connections throughout with instrument isolation and venting

Major Equipment Specifications

Pump: Lewa 3GM M5145 triplex double diaphragm pump with 3.7” plunger

Drive: Pump driver: 200HP, 1200rpm, 460V/3ph/60Hz, VFD compatible electric motors, TEFC enclosure

Air Cooler: AXH 108AEF vertical forced draft aerial condenser/sub-cooler

Vessels: 24” OD acid gas accumulator

Control Panel: Allen-Bradley MicroLogix PLC based control panel (common panel with separate HMIs)

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