2 – 150 HP Rotary Vane VRU Compressor Package (Custom Unit)

Rotary Vane VRU Compressor

Rotary Vane VRU Compressor: 2 x 150 HP

Compass  Model No.: EM150-RV-11S (Dual Train)

Application: Vapour Recovery

Location: Central Alberta

Customer Objective: Multi-source sour vapour recovery application with significant turndown capability.

Compass Solution: Compass Compression designed and built a dual train compressor package with the ability to operate a single vane or two vanes in parallel.

Major Equipment Specifications

Compressor: 2 Ro-Flo model 11S rotary vane compressors

Drive: 2 150 HP, 1200 rpm electric motors

Air Cooler: 54VVI forced draft water cooler for process and jacket cooling

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