Sour Condensate Stabilizer Package

Sour Condensate Stabilizer Package

Sour Condensate Stabilizer Package

Application: Liquid vapour pressure and H2S control

Customer Objective: Sweeten the condensate and reduce its vapour pressure to allow atmospheric tank storage.

Design Challenges: Direct firing of reboiler necessitated special care in its design to ensure heat transfer and hydraulic performance.  Optimizing footprint to accommodate direct fired reboiler on skid.

Compass Compression Solution: Proprietary reboiler design, natural draft for low power consumption, mounted on skid for single lift design.

Major Equipment Specifications

Exchangers: Feed/Bottoms = Shell/coil – JAD 6.5

Reboiler: Direct fired 586 kW (2 MMbtu/hr), 1829 MM OD x 6705 mm long, (72” x 22 ft.)

Product Cooler: AXH Air-Coolers 54-ZF

Vessels and Towers: 20” OD x 24” long, fixed 3 phase weir

Other Features: Feed Drum – 1219 mm OD x 6096 mm S/S (48” OD x 20 ft. S/S)

Tower – 610 mm OD x 13716 mm S/S (24” x 45 ft. S/S) with 20 trays

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