Tailored engineering & design for any application

We offer a full range of reciprocating, rotary screw and rotary vane compressor packages (5 HP – 8,000 HP), and have significant resources in-house to engineer customized solutions.

To ensure our products are the most reliable in the industry, we are licensed by industry leading manufacturers including Ariel, CAT, Frick, RoFlo and Innio.

Our capabilities include the following:

  • Reciprocating, Rotary Screw and Rotary Vane compressors
  • Electric and Natural Gas Engine drivers
  • Variable Applications
    • Natural Gas Gathering
    • Pipeline Transmission
    • Storage / Withdrawal
    • Refrigeration Compression
    • Inlet / Sales Gas
    • Overheads Compression
    • Vapor Recovery Compression
    • Acid Gas Injection
    • Gas Lift
    • Fuel Gas Boosting
    • Landfill Gas Recovery
    • Specialty applications (He, H2, Air)