Compression Equipment Packages – 5 HP – 8,000 HP

We offer a range of large and small, reciprocating, rotary screw, and rotary vane compressor packages.  We are licensed to work with the most established and reliable brands in the world, including Ariel, CAT, Frick, RoFlo and Innio.

Tailored Engineering and Design

We approach each job with a commitment to building value for our clients by delivering products of unmatched quality to meet their specific needs and expectations. Our highly-skilled team of experts has a deep understanding of the Industry and we’re able to provide our clients with both standard and custom-engineered solutions.

Our capabilities Include the Following:

  • Reciprocating, Rotary Screw and Rotary Vane compressors
  • Electric and natural gas engine drivers
  • Variable applications:
    • Natural gas gathering
    • Storage/withdrawal
    • Refrigeration compression
    • Inlet/sales gas
    • Recycle compression
    • Overheads compression
    • Vapor recovery compression
    • Acid gas injection
    • Gas lift/EOR
    • Fuel gas boosting
    • Landfill gas recovery
    • Specialty applications (He, H2, Air, CO2)