Process Skid

Vessel and Exchanger Skid

Vessel and Exchanger Skid

Compass Model No.: Process Equipment

Application: Vessel and Exchanger Skid for Refrigeration. Addition of “Economized 2nd and 3rd Stage Suction” for increased chilling duty.

Objective: Equipment addition was added to an existing order. The addition of the economized flow to 2nd and 3rd stages increased the chilling duty by 50% without the addition of any increased HP consumption.

Design Challenges: Integration of new equipment into site with existing refrigeration equipment and use of free issued equipment and Compass procured equipment.

Compass Solution: Close consultation with client and engineering contractor. Final cost of the associated equipment was approximately 10% below projected costs of original estimate.  This was achieved through tight project management, design and shop execution.

Major Equipment Specifications

Exchangers: 5x shell and coil exchangers for cooling process propane and butane and fuel gas.  Economized “Thermal Syphons” were used.

Control Panel: Allan Bradley PLC based Micro Logix controller


  • 1829mm OD x 3658mm S/S (72” OD x 12ft S/S) flash vessel
  • 1829mm OD x 4267mm S/S (72” OD x 14ft S/S) flash vessel
  • 914mm OD x 2438mm S/S (36” OD x 8ft S/S) vessel
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